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Optimistic realist, eager problem solver, and avid learner located in the greater-Boston area.

I am interested in using creativity and logical thinking to address important, high-impact problems, with resilient and efficient solutions.

My main area of focus is genomics. Improvements in accessability to and accuracy of genomic data will catalyze growth in many high-impact domains, such as medicine and agriculture. Some interests of mine that contribute to and stem from these areas are: microbiology, organism engineering, bioinformatics, epigenetics, botany, and biological engineering ethics.

I am an biological engineer by formal education, an erstwhile engineering consultant for municipal infrastructure improvement projects, and a software engineer through self-study. My mission is to leverage these skills, along with my entrepeneurial spirit, to create optimized solutions for important problems.

Other interests include: reading, ultralight hiking, rock climbing, baking, crosswords, photography and mixed-media arts, New England style IPAs, getting 8 hours of sleep nightly, and culinary fermentation.